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    Read the passage and choose the option that best answer the question.

    Questions 1 - 3

    Darla K. Wise received her B.A. degree from Arizona Stale University in 1980 and her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Harvard University in 1987.

    She represented sell-insured employers in Central New York for five years before joining the law firm of Corman Hagan, Wallia and White, where she has been a principal since 1990. Her practice emphasizes the representation of corporate interests in libel suits.

    Ms. Wise is a member of the New York Bar Association and the New York Trial Lawyers Association.

    The continuing education foundation of the New York Bar Association is pleased to have Ms. Wise speak to us today.

    1. What does Darla do for a living?

    A. She's a lawyer.

    B. She's a professor.

    C. She's an employee of the New York Bar Association

    D. She's a bar and restaurant manager.

    2. What is her highest educational achievement?

    A. A bachelor's degree

    B. A master's degree

    C. A certificate from the New York Trial Lawyers Association.

    D. A doctorate

    3. What is her main focus in her work?

    A. Personal injury

    B. Corporate defense

    C. Divorce

    D. Education

    Question 4-8:

    Dear fellow computer user,

    A word of advice. It's time to clean out your computer. If you're like me, you do not remove document that are no longer necessary from your computer. You never know when you need a file, so you don't throw it away. Right? Electronic mail messages pile up, too, creating a huge warehouse of obscure file name.

    I found that a simple software package called Kleanit gets rid of everything I don’t need and keep the things I do. I was so impressed with this package that I decided to share it with others.

    No longer do those bothersome extra messages and computer files waste processing time and cause my computer to perform inefficiently. Kleanit makes sure that the only files in my computer are files that relate to my current projects or routine tasks.

    Why don’t you try it? I’ll send you trial copy and if you aren’t satisfied, send it back. If you are, and you will be, send your check for $32.50 at your earliest convenience.

    Have a nice day,

    Robert Horstma


    4. According to the fax, what prompted Mr. Horsta to sell Kleanit?

    A. His e-mail responses

    B. His poor computer skills

    C. His need for money

    D. His satisfaction with the product

    5. What suggestion is made in this letter?

    A. To buy new computers

    B. To send less mail

    C. To print out documents

    D. To purchase new software

    6. Besides documents, what else clutters memory on most computers?

    A. Operating instructions

    B. Help files

    C. Electronic mail messages

    D. Directories

    7. What effect does clutter have on a computer?

    A. The computer operates slowly.

    B. The computer runs out of space.

    C. The computer stops working.

    D. The computer erases files.

    8. Which documents should be in your computer?

    A. Duplicate files

    B. Current and routine files

    C. Files from last year

    D. Files others have sent you

    Đáp án: 1-A, 2-D, 3-B, 4-D, 5-D, 6-C, 7-A, 8-B

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