3M automotive insulation film

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    3M automotive insulation film
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    Casting 3M insulation reduces 68-79% of the sun's heat.
    The reason for using 3M automotive insulation film
    - Remove 99% ultraviolet, 86% -93% infrared.
    - Protect the person sitting in the car to prevent skin cancer
    Eliminate sun heat (which causes skin and eye cancer), creating a particularly cool environment in hot weather.
    - Increase the life of the items inside the car, avoid cracks, peeling or color fly by the sun.
    - Help the driver do not suffer from eye strain, dazzling
    - Increases the safety of people in the vehicle in the event of broken glass
    - Natural color, covered with carbon film does not fade or change
    - The film has low internal reflectivity inside, giving the driver better visibility especially at night.
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    Protection of human health and protection of cars:
    - Reduced load for air conditioning (summer), faster cooling time, less fuel.
    - Reduced load for the heater (winter)
    - 3M thermal film protects your skin from burning, blackening skin, protecting the skin of people sitting in the car.
    - Anti-blinding
    - Increased the strength of the glass
    - The color of automotive insulation film makes car glass more luxurious
    - The product is backed by a 10-year warranty and nationwide warranty
    Some characteristics of 3M film adhesives:
    - You can identify by testing the effect of the film under the infrared lamp 250W. This is a unique way to identify good or bad movies on the market
    - On the surface of 3M thermal insulation film with 3M logo (scratch-resistant surface)
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    Why choose the German
    At present, there are many 3M film distributors in HCM City and Binh Duong, but Duc Si Auto Interior Center selects only reputable partners and distributors of thermal film products. 3M to ensure the quality as well as the origin of the product through which we protect the interests of customers.
    In addition, the insulation film paste process is carried out by experienced technicians. The process of fixing film insulation is guaranteed to the current technical standards.
    In addition to the 3M insulation, the Auto Interior Center also offers other automotive insulating films such as the Solar Master automotive thermal film, Ntech automotive insulating film, Llumar automotive insulating film, We provide thermal film adhesives for customers in Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa ...
    In addition to the automotive heat insulation film, Duc Da Auto Interior Center also supplies and installs car toy products such as cruise cmera, DVD screen, speaker system, subwoofer, GPS navigation devices, navigation devices, body kit models, car protection accessories, ...
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